Meet the Alliance Partners

The three partner organizations are recognized leaders and innovators in dispute resolution support worldwide. All offer modern, comfortable environments, advanced technical capabilities, and highly professional specialized support teams. IACA also works with a network of arbitral institutions and is reaching out to hearing centres around the world to provide convenient, seamless access to hearing spaces and resources, and to expand this partnership.


Arbitration Place’s all-encompassing approach combines state-of-the-art hearing facilities and hybrid hearing facilities in Toronto and Ottawa with concierge-level administrative support and dedicated client-service teams. It has a roster of renowned arbitrators for you to call upon, if desired. Arbitrators have use of a private office and complete administrative support during the hearing. All arbitrators and counsel have full access to our resources and tribunals may engage our arbitral secretaries. We also provide all the mission-critical support needed for an arbitration to run flawlessly—from advanced technology to one of the world’s top court-reporting services fully integrated onsite.

+1 416.848.0203



Established in 1999 and located at the heart of “Legal London,” IDRC is the UK’s leading facility for arbitrations and other forms of ADR, with 60 light and modern rooms that can be configured to meet the needs of any proceeding, large or small, and with a comprehensive range of support services. Of particular relevance in the current crisis, IDRC offers an integrated platform for case preparation and connected hearing room services, and organises and oversees every aspect of virtual or hybrid proceedings, linking all participants by video from as many separate locations as may be required and whether or not any participants are physically present at IDRC or its IACA partners.

+44 (020) 7936 7000



Centrally located in the heart of Singapore’s business district, Maxwell Chambers is the world’s first integrated ADR complex, housing best-in-class hearing facilities as well as top international ADR institutions. Its main facility at 32 Maxwell Road has 39 custom-designed hearing and preparation rooms, and a full suite of support services. Seamlessly connected by bridge, Maxwell Chambers Suites houses the local offices of top international ADR institutions, law firms, and ancillary services. In addition to physical hearings, Maxwell Chambers has leveraged state-of-the-art video conferencing platforms to conduct virtual hearings while maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of legal proceedings.

+65 6595 9010