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What are Hybrid Hearings?

Our unique Hybrid Hearings employ a combination of on-site, remote, and virtual attendance methods to ensure that all parties can participate fully and easily, no matter where in the world they are located. Some will attend the IACA partner facility closest  to them and participate either in a group room with social distancing protocols, or in  private technology suites with video-conferencing connections. The choice is theirs.  Others will connect remotely using our secure virtual platform. Even after COVID- related restrictions are relaxed around the world, it will be some time before international  travel returns to its previous levels and ease. Furthermore, the restrictions imposed by  the crisis have highlighted many greener options for the conduct of business, including  dispute resolution, which may well be maintained when the crisis is behind us. The  IACA’s fully integrated and inherently greener Hybrid Hearing service allows you to be  prepared for whatever form the “new normal” may take.

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